Pick out your most valuable visitors

Highlight, compare and find the visitors who engage with your website using our user-friendly visitor journey tool.

Focus on your genuine visitors and get a clearer picture

Unclutter and remove all the information that belongs to accidental and curious visitors mixed in your current reports.


The highlight tool allows you to quickly and easily highlight the number of people who view a page or page of choice. The pages these people view can be categorized by one of three colors.





Analytics Tools

To add a highlight couldn’t be easier. No coding needed, no complicated form, simply select one of three colors and click add. This will bring up a box asking you to select a page you wish to highlight. Copy and paste your URL or and click add. Alternatively, if you select a keyword from your URL, this will highlight all pages containing that word.

Digital Marketing tools

Your daily highlights show the total number of unique visitors that have viewed at least one of your highlighted pages during your selected day. As an example, the above could show 96 people have viewed your product pages, 42 reached your checkout pages and 11 converted into customers by reaching your payment confirmation page.

Visitor Journey tools

Hourly highlights show when is best to target your audience to get the best level of engagement with your website. When do people have time to look at your products, and convert into customers? The chart will allow you to see the difference between your multi-page visitors and those that reach one of your chosen highlight pages.

Highlighted Visitor tools

Each of your highlights will be displayed onto your visitor comparison tool. This allows you to easily identify each person individually by scrolling up and your list and picking them out by the color that has been added to their visitor number. Expand your visitor information to see the selected pages will also include a colored square.

Count number of Visitor

Each visitor will contain the following metrics: Referral source, location by country, region, and city. Every multi-page visitor will be given a number by the order in which they visited your site by time, and you can also see if they connected to your site via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Visitor become customer

This feature will allow you to see every page your visitor has viewed, from landing page to exit page. Each visitor will only display the landing page followed by the initial page clicked on. You can then click on the load more button to view all other pages. You can now compare visitors page flow.

get the location of person who visit the website

For any visitor that views more than one session there is an option to expand more sessions. This will reveal information about following sessions including page flow, and session start time. This allows you to compare each session and find out in which session users convert into a sale.

Get the refferal source of website when user come

We provide you with two types of duration. The minimum amount of time visitors spent on your website in each session, and the amount of time users spend on each page of your site. Now you can compare which pages have most success in engaging a visitor.


Typical user report tools allow you no way of comparing each visitor. Instead, you are left to search through each visitor one-by-one. Our user reports are all in one page and each visitor data is expandable.






Our search function is very easy to use and extremely flexible. You can add or remove as many queries as you like allowing you to quickly find the audience you are most interested in.





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Unlike typical user reports we allow you to search by page. This filters your results to only show visitors who have viewed certain pages throughout the day. This should be the most valuable piece of data, as it can reveal what visitors are interested in your products.

anaytics tools

You may also search by metrics, this includes referral source, Wi-Fi or mobile data, and by location (Country, Region or City). You may add as many metrics to the filter as you like. Once applied your total results and the visitor comparison tool below will adjust to the filter.

user-friendly Anaytics Tools

Below the filter are four colored rectangles. Click on these and your visitor comparison tool below will adjust to only show results to the selected highlight. This will allow you to easily find visitor who click on a certain type of page.

genuine visitors

Pages, metrics and highlight all work together. This creates an incredibly powerful search facility, allowing you to find your target audience with ease. You must enter your keywords into the search filter before adding the highlight filter to get both filters working in tandem.