A simple solution to track
your web campaigns

Find out if your campaigns are successful

Discover a tool that has been made so easy literally anyone can track who clicks on their adverts, posts and emails.
Plus follow each person from the moment they click on your promotion to the time they leave your site.



About Digital-Crumbs

Digital Crumbs makes tracking your online marketing campaigns a breeze. With a simple click on a button, we give you a link to add to your campaign. This will allow you to track anything from a Facebook post to a Mailchimp eblast. Not only will you be able to see how many people click on these campaigns, but much more importantly, you can see what happens once they reach your site. Do they explore, look at your product pages or other pages of importance. Once you know the audience reacts to your site, you will be able to definitively see what campaigns work and spend your market budget and efforts accordingly.


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